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Convey Your Unique Value Proposition...

with Impact!

Communicating the value only you bring can open the right doors when you use the right stories,

authentically and concisely! 


What stories do you tell to convey the value your leadership brings?

Are these stories aligned toward your next corporate board or executive role?
Can you comfortably articulate these effectively?

Let's give voice to your value, impactfully! 

Are you getting recruited for the roles that best suit you?

It's all about your audience!

Are your executive resume or board materials hitting the mark?

Do your talents and results position you

for the leadership role you seek?

Let's bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be, aligning towards your optimal role or board seat.

Executive Woman.jpg

Adriana is ‘career whisperer’. Her carefully planned and methodological journey begins first understanding WHY you do what you do. Her approach continues with unpacking your life-long achievements to craft your story so exceptionally powerful, you find yourself wondering—“Wow, did I really accomplish all of that?!” Adriana’s brilliance has a span of application from the ‘just-graduated Executive MBA’, a aspiring middle-career VP, to the EVP seeking C-suite ascension.


Please be advised, though, Adriana’s work ethic, style and qualities are only matched with serious career athletes; she only accepts projects with those who gel with her level of sophistication and expectations. I’m forever grateful for a remarkable expedition of self-discovery and storytelling.

--Michael Labate, Global Head of Operations | Digital Selling | Digital Enablement Transformation at SAP”

Adriana was masterful at helping me discover and articulate my leadership differentiators in a highly impactful way. As a result of Adriana's support in articulating my value, I was able to get my first Board Directorship. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. She's gifted at what she does, and both the process and the results are superb.


--Sally Shankland - CEO & Board Director

Value Proposition.jpg

Are you getting the promotions

you deserve?

Do you highlight your achievements to show the impact you've brought the organization?


Let's create a strategy to select the accomplishments best aligned with the business goals

as you grow within the organization.

Are you being recognized for your achievements?

Do you get hand-picked for the more complex, high-visibility projects?


Or, have you been deemed the "person who gets things done," only to get a brief pat on the back and a new, boring assignment? 

Let's create a plan to elevate your visibility, work on the transformational projects you seek, and gain the recognition you deserve!

Pitches and Speeches.jpg
Negotiations, pitches, speeches…
does your audience feel your impact?

Are you confident to negotiate your next step?

Whether a salary into a new role or a promotion increase, not only is it critical to do the research but also have a solid negotiation strategy backed by the value only you can bring.


Do you have an elevator pitch for that coveted role or board interview that conveys your value proposition, concisely worded to capture your audience with impact?

Do you have a solid pitch to be chosen for that promotion or special overseas project?

Let's collaborate on a pitch that differentiates you from your competition!

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