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The Process

Through my results-tested, highly curated, 1:1 process, we guide you to discover and convey the unique, authentic value you bring through a highly collaborative approach. Using over 20+ years of writing, branding, and research experience, we ask the right questions, diving deeply not only into each of your roles but also into the vision you see of your future. 

  1. We gather all materials you have of your work experience, if you have them.

  2. We have a 60-minute strategy session, determining the individualized materials you will need    for your upcoming goals.

  3. You receive very specific, hand-guided preparation work based on the pieces we'll be collaborating on, starting with the executive resume or CV.

  4. We provide you with a draft of your executive resume or CV, and you provide edits  and input until we arrive at a value-impacting piece.

  5. We have a 30-45 minute call, if you've selected a package that includes multiple pieces, creating a more detailed strategy across each piece.

  6. We leverage the branding and positioning from the executive resume/CV, to customize the rest of the pieces you selected, including a LinkedIn profile alignment, a pitch, and a board or executive bio – aligning to incorporate consistent messaging through all pieces.

  7. We collaborate providing input across all pieces until all your pieces convey your unique value proposition

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